What is the benefit of using an eco-friendly car service?

Reduced fossil fuel consumption: 

When you travel with Green Carpet Limousine, you can feel confident in having made an environmentally sound choice.  Because our hybrid vehicles use electricity as a partial source of energy, their fossil fuel consumption is dramatically reduced.


Cleaner emissions:

On average, polluntants released into the air from hybrid vehicles are half of what a gasoline combustion (non-hybid) engine emits.  Choosing an eco-friendly transportation service means cleaner air and less strain being placed on the earth's natural resources. 



What does the term 'hybrid vehicle' mean?


Dual energy sources:

At Green Carpet Limousine, we are proud to offer a hybrid fleet of vehicles.  Hybrids are considered to be extremely fuel-efficient because they combine two sources of energy. The first energy source is electricity, which is generated through the use of a rechargeable, onboard battery. The other energy source is a combustion engine that burns fuel.


Greater fuel efficiency:

The combination of these two sources of energy provides for excellent fuel efficiency; most hybrids boast an average consumption of 60 miles per gallon.